People are discussing OnlyFake, a service that generates fake passports and driver’s licenses.

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They charge $15 for a photo of one fake document. The AI can even create Russian passports.

Scammers can now create photos of fake documents in minutes with the help of OnlyFake’s neural network. The AI artist generates passport and driver’s license images for anyone.

They even managed to create a Russian passport for John Wick. The picture gives the impression that the identity card is lying on a fluffy carpet, as if someone placed it on the floor and took a special picture required for verification on many websites.

This service costs just $15 for one photo. Experts believe that even if the service is banned, it will still be provided on the dark web, albeit for higher prices. ‘The era of documents edited with Photoshop is ending,’ says the service description.

Currently, the neural network can generate documents from 26 countries, including Russia, the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and several EU countries. The developers remain anonymous and only accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Photos generated by OnlyFake are not only realistic but also pass checks on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to 404 Media, fake documents have already been used to pass KYC verification on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. Site users also share their success in using AI documents to bypass checks on sites like Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Bitget, Huobi, and PayPal.

404 Media journalists believe that such services help criminals launder money and steal funds. To address the problem, experts suggest websites implement multi-factor and behavioral authentication, and request several documents for authorization.

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