Bypass KYC Verifications Using Verif.Tools

In this article, you will understand the importance of Verif.Tools to bypass any website or service that requires KYC such as Crypto Exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, or even some Stock Exchanges like Etoro.

Verifying websites with fake documents is a sensitive matter, especially with new verification softwares, it’s getting more difficult to bypass kyc successfully, that’s because they update their system every day, so the job of editing any type of document will need a lot of work to assure that this document whether it’s ID or a Bill, will be accurate and has all the details without missing a single one.

Exactly, it’s all about the accuracy, because those kyc softwares are automated, if a human would verify your documents, they most likely wouldn’t notice small mistakes, however, it’s not the case for a programed Robot.

So again, you’ll have to spend extra time to assure that you don’t miss any small details.

And here is the job of Verif.Tools, cheap, instant and accurate.

Robot Vs. Robot

Verif.Tools Vs. KYC Softwares

Your job is to Fill in the information you want and click Generate.

So we’ll get back to the main point of how you can bypass kyc softwares that Exchanges use.

First you should know what type of kyc verification they use, for instance, if a website needs you to capture a photo of your self holding a paper and ID card, its the easiest part, all you have to do is clicking on Tools>Drop_Generator and follow the rules.

If they require a live verification, EASY, choose the document you want to edit, fill the blanks and on the last step write Print and click Generate.

If you don’t have a printer, you can type Photo instead of Print and then spoof your camera using softwares like Splitcam

Now for the Selfie part, you can do it with your face if you think you’re not doing something super risky, however, if you don’t want to use your face, you can spoof your camera as well.

You can use a fake photo from Verif.Tools > Tools > Drop_generator, or make a deepfaked video and spoof the camera,

or maybe just wear a Latex Mask if you don’t want to get through the deepfake hassle.

In conclusion

A tool such as Verif.Tools is a game changer, it’s accurate, perfect, instant and has all type of documents from any country you want.

Good luck with your Verifications

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