How I use Veirf Tools – or the best document platform.

Let’s start with how I learned about this service –

It was a beautiful evening, I was digging through the depths of the internet and I came across an interesting forum, I won’t mention its name because it’s gone. Well I was digging and I found an article – how to mine KYC without problems and without difficulties – easy as a movie, it was described how with hardly 3-4 clicks and I’m ready, I said to myself that this is impossible, but out of curiosity I decided to look at the site, and it might be useful for something…

I opened the website and was pleasantly surprised!

  • nice design
  • easy to navigate
  • very good FAQ and manual

I was impressed with how many countries there are and how many types of documents are available from passport, to ID card and driver’s license to bank statements and phone bills.

And most importantly they were very reasonably priced. You won’t find a product more expensive than $8.99, with the cheapest being only $0.99, and for the extremely good quality, it has a very good MRZ, you can see the holograms, but also the most interesting thing is that there are a lot of background options – it can look like it’s been scanned or that it’s been photographed – and there are many types of backgrounds. Also the photos themselves are made so that they have meta data and look like you took them, which can be very useful when looking at KYC extensively.

But all good so far, but how is the thing itself used, what can it be used for?

Let me explain how to use it – it’s easy!

  • First you need to take a picture or use one, it’s good to have a picture of your face and look serious.
  • Second step – you choose your country and type of document, you can choose any country and any type of document. And then you literally just apply the necessary information – First Name, Last Name, Years, City, Address and it’s done like magic.
  • Then you choose the photo option – whether to be scanned, cropped or taken from a phone.

And the system issues you a photo which you can check if it is correct and if you missed something. If everything is accurate you simply click the buy button and get a high quality photo that you can use to pass KYC on a very large number of platforms, such as apps or websites that want to prove you are you via KYC or prove you are 18 – and by uploading your ‘real’ document, you are effectively proving that you are you and of a certain age.

But apart from just proving it, you can use it for more interesting things, as you’ll hear from me…

With Verif Tools, you can make a document again, but instead of using it to verify websites, you can use it to win and earn. But how?

Many casinos have a policy – invite a friend, get a bonus. And without much difficulty you can make a new document for $8.99, but to win a casino bonus amounting to $50, $100 or $200, it already depends on the casino itself. So that’s how you can be on the winning side of the whole thing. But no matter what you use the wonderful verif tools service for, there is no denying that they are the best and there is no similar service anywhere else.

I would like to give a shout out to Verif Tools, they have very good support and regularly updates in their website with new countries and documents.

They also have a very good policy – if you send a quality PSD template document, they will reward you with a prize. 

In conclusion – a very good service, at a good price and of good quality.

Thank you verif tools!

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