How to Create Verified Robinhood Account and Get free $5 worth of any stock of your choice with

Hello guys, today I’m going to share with you my private method of creating a fully verified Robinhood account. So, without much talk let’s get right into is Asap!


  1. Fullz
  2. Email address i and Us Phone Number
  3. Scans (


1. Create an email address in the Fullz name

2. Head over to and create an account there with the fullz details, email address and phone number.

3. Now we need to verify the account, to do that head over to and create a driver license or passport with the fullz. Note you will require to make a video selfie verification so the trick to bypass it is to make use of your face or someone else face on the driver’s license or passport to complete the process or if you know how to make deep fake you can use it!4

4. Rename the driver license or Passport Pic with a generic camera name and upload for verification.

5. Complete the video verification with your face via your webcam or on a mobile device.

There you go my private method of making fully verified Robinhood accounts with and extra bonus of $5 worth of free stock. Till Next time keep Rocking and Stay Woke

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