How To use to create a Bank Account

Hello Readers today i’m going to show you how to use to create any bank account. For use case i willuse it to open a capitalone bank account.

Capital One Bank


  1. Fullz
  2. Email in Fullz name
  3. Phone number
  4. Driver license scan to verify the Fullz identity.


  1. Go to and create and account
  2. Enter fullz details, your email and phone number
  3. You can choose any employment info and salary should be based on fullz background report.
  4. Click submit you will be directed to the page below!

5. Go ahead and generate your driver license depending on your bank.

6. Open the link in a web browser changing the useragent to that of mobile. This is the ultimaye trick you won’t find this anywhere.

7. Upload the front and back that all.

Adios Readers Bye!

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