How to verify N26 using veriftools

N26 is neobank which is in the Germany and it is very popular among young people these days. So, today, I’ll let you know how to verify N26 account using fake passport using veriftools.

  1. create a passport

Veriftools has so many passports that I can’t choose easily, but I decided to make a Austria Passport.

First, Put your name that same as name on the N26 account.

Second, you should put the document number, and your gender(sex).

after you finished step 1, then you need to put your Date Of Birth and issuing date and expiration date.

Let’s move to step 3. you don’t have to put anything on this section, but, If need, you can put optional information on your passport.

Last, choose the result image type. I highly recommend chooing Print. because I’ll print document and put document on real passport.

then after you generate your document, check everything that all the information is correct.

then after you succecsfully bought your document, you need to print it and put document on the real passport or a note that simillar size to the document.

you have to take a picture of your document and take your selfie.

after you did all the process that N26 needed, wait 6 hours or long.

after you successfully verified, you can get your own german IBAN account and a virtual card!

Hope you verified successfully. Good Bye!

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