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It’s not too difficult to set up a PayPal account. PayPal allows customers to conduct simple banking operations such as money transfers to people and businesses, checking their bank statements, and setting up document verification.

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Even though creating a PayPal account is restricted in some countries, while some don’t have the right documents required to verify their PayPal account, we have put up a detailed guide to help you through the procedure.

Read on to learn more about the requirements for opening a PayPal account.

Steps for Setting Up a PayPal Account:

PayPal offers 100% free registration. A PayPal account can be created with only a few items. This includes;

1. Credit or debit card that is currently in use,

2. Utility bill (recent bank records for confirmation)

3. Photo ID like a passport, driving license or other government-issued identification card.

1. Credit or debit card;

It is crucial to verify your PayPal account before it can be used. The verification process begins when you link your bank account or debit/credit card to PayPal. To do so, go to PayPal and select the Pay and Get Paid Tab. Select Banks and Cards from the Wallet section. Select your bank and enter the cards you need to verify. A four-digit code is required to verify the card and to get the four-digit code check charge on your credit card statements.

Card Linking page 2
Card Linking page 2

For the 2nd step and 3rd step which requires documents for verification purpose (Utility bill (recent bank records for confirmation) and a photo ID like a passport, driving license or other government-issued identification card)

If you don’t have the required documents above to verify your PayPal account. is there to help you get your PayPal account verified.

Steps on how to get the two documents required for your PayPal Verification on

1. Sign Up:

On the website, you need to first register by clicking on the “sign up” button. The registration process is very simple and no need for email confirmation.

Sign up page

2. Generate Required Document:

Go to the “All Generators” Section and then select the necessary document (bill statement, passport or driver’s license), Fill in all the necessary field and upload your photo and signature. Data must be entered accurately, especially the date, which is very significant. Click the “reCAPTCHA” after entering your information, then click the “Generate” button, and then wait for the document to create.

Generator Page 1
Generator Page 2

3. Download watermark Image:

To verify the accuracy of the data in the document, you may now download the watermark image.

Download watermark

4. Add to Cart and Buy Image without watermark:

If everything is in order, click the “Add to Cart” button. Now that the product is in your shopping cart, you can purchase it by clicking the buy button. Of course, you must have sufficient funds on your balance sheet to do so.

Download watermark
Buy page

5. Top up your account:

To top up your balance, calculate the total price of the documents added to cart, then click on the “Top up” button, input the price and your payment method. have different funding methods like cryptocurrency, credit/debit cards, Perfect Money, QIWI,etc.

Top up page 1
Top up page 2


That’s it! The procedure is simple, and it just requires less than fifteen minutes. You can access the website using a desktop or mobile browser. Having a PayPal account greatly simplifies managing your money, especially since that most transactions are done online. Transactions on a daily basis are simplified, practical, and simple when using PayPal. The service is well-liked and has thousands of satisfied users.

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