Online passport generators for traffic arbitrage

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Online passport generators for traffic arbitrage
Generators greatly simplify traffic arbitrage by automating many routine processes. For example, online passport generators make it possible to undergo document verification in various services – it’s easy to bypass the same ZRD on Facebook. Of course, we do not encourage making fake passports. Our article was written purely for informational purposes, and we must not forget that forged papers face a real prison sentence.

Verif.Tools – fast and high-quality generation of passports, driver’s licenses and other documents.

Online passport generators for traffic arbitrage

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  1. Why would an arbitrator create a fake passport?
  2. Online passport generators
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  3. What will happen if the advertising network realizes that the passport is fake?
  4. Conclusion
    Why would an arbitrator create a fake passport?
    First of all, the purchase of consumables is needed to pass the ZRD. Almost every affiliate marketer who uses FB has encountered this ban. By the beginning of 2020, the Zucker network began handing out bans left and right for the slightest violation of posting rules, repeated publication of creatives – and, to be honest, to all users of this social network with a geolocation of Russia and the CIS who are trying to make money on affiliate programs and opening a new advertising account.

By the way, it’s no secret that in order to maintain confidentiality and get rid of routine, an arbitrator needs an antique. The most reliable and convenient at the moment is Dolphin{anty}, so we can confidently recommend it. And with the promo code AFFTIMES20 you will have a 20% discount on your first payment.

To remove the ZRD status, Facebook requires you to undergo verification using one of these options:

By SMS. A rare method, but very easy to complete. All you need to do is accept the code on your phone and confirm your rights. In this case, arbitrage traders use “left” SIM cards so as not to “burn” their main profile. This is a link to the article if you are interested in purchasing FB accounts. In this case, we recommend buying logs right away, although they are more expensive than regular accounts.
By mail. This is also relatively easy to overcome, because today buying a pack of email addresses for pennies is not difficult at all.
According to the documents. This is the most commonly used FB method. Many newbies get caught doing exactly this – they simply don’t know how to get verified. It is precisely for such cases that passport and other paper generators are needed.
Naturally, these are fake passports with fake data. But this does not at all prevent you from passing verification. The main thing is that these documents have not previously been uploaded to FB, otherwise the algorithms will immediately calculate them. Therefore, it is better not to use docks from Yandex or Google images, but to generate them from scratch in special services.

Attention! False or drawn passports are also used to pass verification in various services where verification is required.

Arbitrators also use fake or comic documents to pass risk payment. This is the blocking of the user’s payment means after they have been linked. For example, you have linked a bank card, but you cannot transfer funds from it to your advertising account. Apparently, something aroused suspicion among Zucker’s algorithms. You’ll have to write a ticket and get verified.

Passport generators online
Generators must also be chosen with care. Today there are many scammers who cheat according to a complex but well-established scheme. They sell low-quality consumables to arbitrators – for example, documents that have been resold several times. We have put together reliable services for you where you can easily generate passports online.

Verify Tools

Here you can draw high-quality fake documents without Photoshop skills. The service adds handwritten signatures and barcodes to passports, which can be easily fed to bots and service algorithms.

How to use:

Register without entering your phone number and email. You only need to come up with a username and password.
Select the desired country in the left menu. For example, a US citizen passport.

  1. Fill out all fields in the format suggested by the prompts.
  2. Upload any PNG/JPG photo. You can also leave the default photo, but it is better to use unique pictures created in a random face generator. Here is one of such services.
  3. Complete the captcha.
  4. Click “Create” and voila – after 20 seconds you can add the passport you created from scratch to your cart.

I managed to draw this Armenian passport in a couple of seconds.

Enter data only according to the format in the prompts that are present in each field. If you fill out everything correctly, the document will be generated with a service watermark. To remove the watermark, you need to buy a passport – top up your balance with crypto, pay and become the owner of a unique document without a watermark.

Verif Tools currently allows you to generate passports for most countries of the world, including the Russian Federation and the CIS. In addition to the passport, it is possible to draw driver’s licenses, bills and reports, ID cards, etc. Prices range from 2-8 dollars, depending on the type of document and country.

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